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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

You Can't Help But Love Masonry

Now You Can Actually Afford It

Through the centuries, architects and engineers have deployed masonry to achieve their simplest and most challenging design work. Owners and contractors who have cared about the impression made by their buildings have used masonry to convey strength, substance, and quality.

In short, the benefits of masonry have always been hidden in plain sight: Stronger. Safer. Quieter. Longer-lasting. And (if you ask us), better-looking.

Now, as the construction industry faces supply chain issues that have sent lumber prices soaring, this is THE moment for architects and developers to build using the materials all of us can't help but love: block, brick, and stone.

The simple fact is, that no other building material can give a business or a community a sense of permanence and stability, year after year, like masonry. Think of the buildings you cherish when you go on a trip: the courthouses and cathedrals, the fire stations and train stations, the brick-and-mortar businesses that stand solid as a rock through the centuries.

We at Upstate Masonry Institute have numerous tools and resources that will guide you on your next project and help you take advantage of this unique moment in history. Using a structural masonry system to construct your next building will produce a structure that you can be proud of and that customers and clients can cherish.

With masonry's price as competitive to timber, as it's ever been, we urge you to bring the benefits of masonry out of hiding and weigh the cost of structural masonry system price as competitive to lumber in your next project. Learn more and connect with us. Let's build something together that can be admired for generations to come.

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Upstate Masonry Institute was established to open communication between design professionals engineers, spec writers, suppliers and mason contractors.

  • UMI Executive Board

    • Managing Director - Todd Helfrich 
    • President - Andrew Sciocchetti, A.J.S Masonry
    • Vice President - Brian Casler, Casler Masonry, Inc.
    • Treasurer - Scott Lupini, Lupini Construction, Inc.
    • Lew Houghtaling, Debrino Caulking Associates
  • UMI Advisory Board

    • David Biggs – Biggs Consulting Engineering
    • Nick Carparelli – Executive Director, NYS Concrete Masonry Association
    • Earl Hall- Construction Employers Association of CNY
    • Pat Tirino – Vice President Bricklayers Local #2

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Contact Upstate Masonry Institute

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Upstate Masonry Institute’s primary location is located at the Building Industry Center.

Upstate Masonry Institute
6 Airline Drive
Albany, NY 12205

PH: 518-640-2530

FAX: 518-869-2378

UMI promotes masonry applications from Albany north to the Canadian border over to Syracuse — 24 Counties in all.

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  • What We Do

    Upstate Masonry Institute is dedicated to improve the overall utilization of masonry materials of all types in the Upstate New York area in commercial construction projects.

  • For the Future

    Masonry materials are made to last and protect, not only the building but the people who occupy the building. When you build with masonry, you are building for the future.

  • Why Masonry

    Some of the worlds most significant architectural achievements have been made with masonry. Masonry in years past has been chosen for its beauty, versatility, and durability.

  • Impact of Masonry

    Dedicated to building the future and preserving the past of New York State and Surrounding areas.

  • Building Strong Leaders

    Upstate Masonry Institute offers an array of services to better promote and advocate the positive results masonry construction has in the construction industry.

Masonry. For A Future That Matters.™

Welcome to UMI!

Upstate Masonry Institute is dedicated to improve the overall utilization of masonry materials of all types in the Upstate New York area in commercial, industrial and institutional construction projects. UMI is here to represent the masonry industry, by educating our audience, providing the knowledge and means of increasing efficiency and productivity in masonry, and advocating the increased use of brick, block and stone.

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