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Why are so many buildings invariably built of masonry? Have you noticed which buildings you admire most in your community?



The quality image of a masonry building is one of excellence and permanence. No other material leaves as lasting an impression of strength, quality and substance as that conveyed by brick, block and stone.



A building system that has survived the test of time and remains unmatched in design, quality and flexibility.



Architects and engineers throughout the centuries have applied masonry to their simplest and most challenging design work. Building owners and users who have cared about the image created by buildings in their communities have selected masonry as an expression of themselves and their businesses for both the present and the future. No other building material can convey the permanence and stability of your business, year after year, like masonry can. Masonry units with their great choices of sizes, colors and textures provide the design flexibility to make your new building stand out from the crowd-a unique design to be a source of pride in your community. Building owners and users who care about their image are quickly moving away from the splashy sales pitches for look-alike metal buildings and stark tilt-up concrete and toward masonry-brick, block and stone. Using a Masonry System to construct your next building will produce a business structure that you can be proud of and one that your customers and clients can relate to and feel comfortable with. Let a masonry building be your business' affirmation of its strength, permanence, quality and substance.