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Masonry and Its Impact

Upstate Masonry Institute is a member driven organization, established by Union Mason Contractors who are dedicated to building the future and preserving the past of New York State and surrounding areas.  

  • We are comprised of 216 Union Mason Contractors
  • Who employ 1,000 skilled craft workers
  • With nearly $7.5 million dollars invested into training over the last 10 years 

Mason Contractors are responsible and active corporate citizens. Our member companies are vital as employers and as tax resources, adding to property and school tax bases across the state. 

Upstate Masonry Institute is comprised of nearly all family-owned and operated companies. For generations, these family businesses have committed to investing in New York State and handing down the business to their sons and daughters so they may continue to grow and thrive while always maintaining family values: respect, honesty and hard work.

Our members provide an enjoyable, safe, respectful and engaging work environment. From our largest to our smallest member, the owner is seen on construction sites and in hallways of their respective businesses. Owners take the time to have a physical presence and are accessible.

Family values run deep in our member companies and that’s why employees stay. They are respected, appreciated and provided with solid wage earning and benefit-providing employment. Employees are known by name.

Masonry Contractors do not just provide jobs, they provide careers.