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Wall Systems

Block vs. Steel Comparison

  • Extremely durable, long lasting wall system
  • Minimal long term maintenance
  • Great design flexibility; use different colors, bond patterns, brick sizes amd surface textures
  • Concrete block backup acts as the structure, with vertical and horizontal reinforcement grouted into place.
  • Excellent insulating value and heat capacity
  • Fire proof with gs up to 4 hours
  • Naturally absorbs sound
  • One trade erects both the structural and skin layers of the wall 
  • Steel studs flex more than masonry veneer– can lead to cracks developing in the masonry unless studs are designed to strict deflection tolerances
  • Volatility of steel prices makes it difficult to predict final project costs
  • Multiple trades involved– making jobsite coordination difficult
  • Steel studs can corrode if water penetrates past the drainage cavity or due to condensation
  • Interior surfaces (drywall) prone to damage and repair