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A Company Valued on Family and Tradition

Having worked decades for himself, Andrew Sciocchetti, Sr. was not only looking to build a future for his family, but a legacy in which his Business could expand. At the age of18, Andrew Sciocchetti, Jr. decided to pursue a career with his Father and AJS Masonry, Inc. was born in 1988. Established as a two-man crew, Father and Son, they worked towards the American Dream of building a business. Thirty years later, Andy Sciocchetti, Jr. is still in the driver seat, having taken the company from two employees, to an office team of 6 plus dozens of craft workers in the field self-performing Masonry, Concrete, and Masonry Restoration on virtually any notable project in and around the Capital Region.


Upstate Masonry Institute had the pleasure of talking to Andy Sciocchetti, Jr. We asked him a blend of questions to learn more about AJS Masonry, Inc, his goals for the Company and his life outside of work.


 Favorite project AJS Masonry has completed and why?

 “That’s a hard question. AJS has worked with so many different owners and contractors, they all stand out for distinct reasons.”


What are some obstacles in the construction industry and how do you work around them?

  “The construction industry is constantly evolving. There’s always new products and innovative design criteria being introduced to our trade. AJS Masonry is constantly training their workforce, keeping them educated in new materials and advanced equipment.

 Trends are changing on a regular basis, but to stay efficient while the changes are happening is key to success. I am always brainstorming and looking for new ways to stay ahead of the curve and stay efficient in our work.”


 What do you envision for the Company, once you step back from the driver seat?

  “AJS Masonry is a Family Business and I hope it stays that way. My Brother Dino, who has a Civil Engineering degree, works here. My three children have taken an interest in carrying on the AJS Masonry name once they have graduated college. I have a Son Luciano who is currently attending Syracuse University studying business, economics and finance. He has been working for the company during breaks, starting out in the field and now in the office. He’s already implementing ways to keep AJS current in the technologically driven culture we live in.”


 What legacy do you want to leave behind to the third generation of AJS Masonry?

 “I am proud to stand as a masonry contractor in the Capital Region, crafting buildings that will be around for hundreds of years. I want to continue the legacy my Dad started, leaving a community with buildings that are not only appealing to the eye but hold many memories for the people that built them.”


 How has the masonry trade changed?

  “The craft itself has not changed, the craft is timeless. The trade adapts to its surroundings. With that, we have been introducing technology to the mix that I don’t think the generations before us would have ever thought would be in the field…Robotic Bricklayers, hydraulic scaffolding, remote controlled mixers”


 What advice would you give to an emerging professional embarking on a career in the construction industry/masonry trade?

 “Work hard, Play hard! We all need to work for a living, but don’t forget to live a little and reap the benefits of your hard work.”


 Outside of work, what is your favorite thing to do?

  “Family is very important to me. A long-standing tradition in our Family is Sunday family dinners together. My Mother and Father still treat us to the most delicious Sunday meals. My favorite is Mom’s homemade ravioli’s. Staying active, exercising, and traveling prepares me for those Sunday’s with my Family at my Parent’s house!”


What makes AJS Masonry, AJS Masonry?

“AJS is still very traditional, our word is our bond. If I say we can do something, it will be done, and the conversation will be finished with a handshake. That school of thought comes from working side by side with my Father for so long, where I was taught your word is your bond.”




Andy's office is plastered with photos of family memories.
His favorite family activity is the Sunday dinner both his mom and dad still host on a weekly basis. 
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