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You cant help but love masonry. Now you can actually afford it.

Throughout the centuries, architects and engineers have deployed masonry to achieve their simplest and most challenging design work. Owners and contractors who have cared about the impression made by their buildings have used masonry to convey strength, substance, and quality.

In short, the benefits of masonry have always been hidden in plain sight: Stronger. Safer. Quieter. Longer-lasting. And (if you ask us), better-looking.

Now, as the construction industry faces supply chain issues that have sent lumber prices soaring, this is THE moment for architects and developers to build using the materials all of us can’t help but love: block, brick, and stone.

The simple fact is, no other building material can give a business or a community a sense of permanence and stability, year after year, like masonry can. Think of the buildings you cherish when you go on a trip: the courthouses and cathedrals, the fire stations and train stations, the brick and mortar businesses that stand solid as a rock through the centuries.

We at Upstate Masonry Institute have numerous tools and resources that will guide you on your next project and help you take advantage of this unique moment in history. Using a structural masonry system to construct your next building will produce a structure that you can be proud of, and one that customers and clients can cherish.

With masonry’s price as competitive to timber as it’s ever been, we urge you to bring the benefits of masonry out of hiding and weigh the cost of structural masonry system price as competitive to lumber in your next project. Learn more connect with us, and let’s build something together that can be admired for generations to come.

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