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Masonry Articles

Elevating Communities: Unveiling the Mastery of Masonry with BAC Local 2 and UMI

Written by Amanda Bedian
In the heart of New York there is a vast landscape of construction and architecture, masons, particularly those belonging to the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC) Local 2, stand as the artisans behind the facades of our buildings. With a membership of 800 skilled craftsmen, Loca...

A Wake Up Call: The Hidden Truth Behind Modern Luxury

Written by Amanda Bedian
Luxury: What it is and how it is Interpreted Architecture and building materials express a desired style, and their beauty is subjective to the beholder. However, there are elements within building that exude different effects, be it wood, stone, plastic, or brick. Some elements in bui...

We Don't Build Them Like We Used To

Written by Amanda Bedian
They Built Our Cities: Recognizing Masonry The history of masonry goes back decades… centuries… millenniums. Masonry is the fabrication of stone, clay, brick, and concrete block, and is worthy of admiration; it is an art that formed cities; it is a skillful craft that left buildings st...

Preserving Legacy and Integrity: The Timeless Role of Masonry in Modern School Architecture

Written by Amanda Bedian
Modern and traditional are categories for many focuses, broad or minute. Whether it is in décor, fashion, societal structures, architecture, or even baby names, as with all things, there are developments over time that allow for growth and positive change or simply advancement; opposite...