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Restructuring Specifications: Improving Stability and Durability of Structural Concrete With ACI 301-16

Shelby O. Mitchell
What can be done to help specifiers and contractors create the most stable, durable, and resilient concrete structures possible? This challenge inspired the industry professionals responsible for updating an American Concrete Institute (ACI) standard over the summer. (ACI 301-16 is avai...

UA Architecture Students Do Their Level Best

Mike Christy
University of Arizona architecture students, from left, Lucy Nielsen and Jared Spear congratulate each other after successfully leveling a block. On Tuesday, groups of students in Ray Barnes’ Building Technology Materials and Methods course designed and constructed their own masonry wal...

Tedesco Demands Fire Code Changes In State of The County Speech

Steve Janoski
HACKENSACK — Bergen County Executive James J. Tedesco III had a straightforward message for state officials Monday: Change the building codes regarding lightweight wood construction, the use of which has been blamed for two massive residential fires in the last three years, including on...

Cheaper, Faster, Better

Ed Davenport
Zaragon Place - A Prime Example   “If it’s not cheaper, faster, better, don’t come to the table” has been the construction industry credo as long as I have been in the masonry business, some 35 years now. And “everyone knows that you can never have all three.” Only two are possible. B...

After Raleigh Apartment Fire, Safety of Wood Construction Questioned

Martha Quillin
As flames chewed through hundreds of thousands of board feet of exposed lumber and plywood in a spectacular fire at an under-construction apartment building in downtown Raleigh Thursday night, a question swirled like smoke. Why build an apartment out of wood? It may seem coun...

Never Forget The Triangle Factory Fire - It's Why We Have Unions

Kevin Baker
They started coming out the windows at a quarter to five on a bright, sunny spring afternoon. Large bundles of fabric, tossed from a ninth-story window in New York’s Greenwich Village. There was the sound of a muffled explosion and breaking glass, and the smell of smoke. Then the dark d...