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ASTM Addresses Sealants, Non-Hydraulic Cement With New Additions

Written By The Construction Specifier

ASTM International has announced it will be adding a new standard to its repertoire: ASTM C1850, Guide for Improved Laboratory Accelerated Tests to Predict the Weathering and for Developing Methods to Predict the Design Life of Building Sealant Systems.

Those choosing or buying building sealant systems will be able to use this standard as a guide when evaluating such systems’ long-term performance in the face of weathering and other issues. It provides an outline for development of realistic accelerated testing methods.

“It is impossible to know how a product will perform in five to 10 years, but you have to select a product now,” says Christopher White, an ASTM member and research chemist at the U.S. National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). “This new standard is a guide to accelerated test methods that will help determine the performance of products in the future.”

The standard was developed by ASTM’s committee on building seals and sealants, C24.

A new committee—one focused on creating standards for non-hydraulic cement—was also announced at the end of March.

Non-hydraulic cements are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional Portland cement, with a growing role to play in construction. The group, a subcommittee of the organization’s committee on cement (C01), will be composed of cement producers, contractors, and those with an interest in non-hydraulic cements.

Joining ASTM International’s June Committee Week in Toronto, Ontario, the subcommittee will hold its first meeting June 15.

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