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Employment & Education Opportunities

Interested in Becoming a Mason?

Help Wanted: Wages from $28.84 - $37.19 per hour

(Rate changes depending on location)

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Are you a driven individual who likes working with your hands? Enjoy the benefit of seeing your work standing in your community for decades to come.

Both experienced Craftworkers and individuals interested in an apprenticeship are encouraged to apply.


  • Excellent paying jobs

  • Respect on the job

  • Safe working conditions

  • Quality & generous health benefits

  • Secure retirement benefits

  • Continuing Education Opportunities

Our Craftworkers

  • Bricklayers

  • Stone and Marble Masons

  • Tilesetters

  • Terrazzo Workers

  • Pointer, Cleaners, Caulkers

  • Cement Masons

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Did You Know?

"Hot and cold weather delays masonry too much." As an industry, updated all-weather practices such as the All-Weather Council's "Recommended Practices and Guide Specifications for Cold Weather Masonry Construction" have resulted in a much greater construction season without fear of weather damage or delay. The old practice of closing down during the winter months becomes obsolete.