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Employment and Education Opportunities

Interested in Becoming a Mason?

HELP WANTED - BETWEEN $28.84 - $37.19/HR 

(rate changes depending on location)


  • Excellent paying jobs 
  • Respect on the job 
  • Safe working conditions
  • Quality & generous health benefits
  • Secure retirement benefits
  • Continuing Education Opportunities    

Our Craftworkers

  • Bricklayers
  • Stone and Marble Masons
  • Tilesetters
  • Terrazzo Workers
  • Pointer/Cleaners/Caulkers
  • Cement Masons

Inquire Today

Amanda Bedian
(518) 640-2500
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Did You Know?

Did you know in NYS there had over 20 million* dollars worth the loss due to fires in 2014. There were 19,163* fires within the residential summary (apartment and Hotels/Motels), another 6,403* fires in total under the business summary( public assembly, eating/drinking establishments, education, institutions, stores/ offices) . The use of structural masonry in new construction can help alleviate those losses, due to the fact that when a fire happens, it is contained to that area and does not spread.

Apply Here

Are you a driven individual who likes working with your hands? Enjoy the benefit of seeing your work standing in your community for decades to come.

Both experienced Craftworkers and individuals interested in an apprenticeship are encouraged to apply