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Transforming A Vision Into Reality

Amanda Bedian
It’s funny how someone can attend monthly meetings for years, share experiences and brain storm ideas with the same people, but never really get to know who is at the table. It’s not until you take the time to ask the ultimate question: “What is your story?” Because up until that turnin...

Cantarella - Not Just A Name, A Standard.

Amanda Bedian
We've heard the story before when meeting a mason: "My father was a mason, I am a mason"—it seems all too familiar to have a family owned business with a long pedigree of hard working masons. Anticipating my next Meet the Mason Spotlight, I wondered how this interview would go. To my de...

Trust the Process

Amanda Bedian
A young nineteen-year-old man who was figuring out life and his journey knew one thing: he didn’t want to continue being a grocery store clerk. Lew Houghtaling wanted more, he wanted to make more money, work with his hands and make a contribution to his community. A friend suggested app...

Behind Every Successful Person, There Are Many Successful Relationships

Amanda Bedian
They say hard work pays off… and they were right! David Biggs’ success defines that advice and has proven that when you do what you love and truly care about the impact you make, the world is your oyster. Biggs has never stopped learning; he keeps an open mind and tactfully positions hi...